Servier Canada donates 100 blood pressure monitors and pedometers to HeartLife Canada

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HeartLife is hoping to help Canadians monitor their health a little better thanks to a generous donation from Servier Canada. At present, more than half a million people are living with heart failure in Canada, and it’s the most rapidly-rising cardiovascular disease in the country.

Each individual’s experience of heart failure is unique, regardless of age. Although there is currently no cure for heart failure, patients can successfully manage their illness and work closely with their healthcare team to develop the right treatment plan. Nonetheless, it’s salient to self-monitor your health and understand what triggers your symptoms.

Staying active is another important element of living with heart failure, and it’s vital to speak with your healthcare team before designing an exercise schedule. Exercise, when planned and controlled, has the potential to strengthen your heart muscle and boost feelings of well-being. Enjoying an evening stroll, going swimming, or joining a yoga class, are things that can make a huge difference.

 At the HeartLife Foundation, we understand the importance of self-monitoring your health and activity, as well as tracking and sharing this information with your healthcare team. Ethical pharmaceuticals and research group, Servier Canada has been kind enough to donate pedometers and blood pressure monitors which we’re thrilled to give to Canadians via contests on social media. @ServierCanada’s generous donation has made it possible to run contests that can help you. Thank you @ServierCanada for this great donation.

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